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Property Investment

made Simple

If you’re looking for efficient property investment with no fuss and no hassle, then our property specialists can oversee everything from conducting due diligence, finding a tenant and even managing the property for you. This includes letting and maintaining upkeep of said property even after your initial investment.

Not only that but our partnerships with a number of the industry's leading developers means that you will have exclusive access to some of the UK’s most desirable up and coming properties on the market.

Their investment teams are on the constant lookout for markets that offer a balance of high rent yields, with fundamentals to support future capital appreciation, ensuring you benefit from the best returns.

Once you’ve reserved your unit, our specialists will be there to guide you through every step of the way. This includes legal matters, mortgages and letting, giving you more time to focus on the one thing that matters, maximising your profit returns. You invest and we’ll do the rest, it really is that simple.


As part of Simplicity Group, we offer our clients a free foreign exchange service (Simplicity-FX) which allows them to trade almost all major world currencies.


It also enables them to make international payments and transfers in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.


This service is perfect for expats who are looking to invest in a property market where a currency conversion is required.

To open your free Simplicity-FX account or to learn more about our currency services please visit:


The type of international life assurance you will require depends on your goals and the level of assurance you need. Working with a carefully selected panel of providers, we offer an extensive product range suitable to you, including:

•Life Cover

•Whole of Life/Term Assurance

•Critical Illness Insurance

Tax Consultancy

As an integral part of the process, we can provide existing clients and the wider expatriate population with bespoke expert tax advice and compliance services, although Simplicity are not tax advisers, we prefer to do this through one of our preferred partners which would be ideally located wherever they choose to live in the world.

We can therefore offer a unique personalised service to our clients, taking into account their individual, and sometimes complex circumstances.

Our partners are specifically chosen due to their specialist skills in international, cross-border taxation. We can therefore assist you to obtain expert advice on everything from tax residency and international tax planning to capital gains tax and domicile status.

Developer Services

  • ​Exclusive access to up and coming projects across the UK

  • Conducting due diligence on property

  • Finding a tenant

  • Mortgage pre-approval; Ascertaining what types of mortgage are right for you, free of charge

  • A Solicitor that specialises in off-plan conveyancing for expats and international clients

  • Monthly site visits, providing you with regular updates of progress made on development

  • Continued maintenance management of property

  • Helping you obtain a mortgage via mortgage specialists and their exclusive relationship with some of the UK’s leading lenders

  • Expert tax advice and insurance for guaranteed rental income

  • Overseeing property’s resale

Our Services

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